VA Insight | What additional value can nonprofits bring to scientific research?

Recently, more non-profit groups have emerged in China’s private sector to conduct scientific research in distinctive ways. However, these organizations are still in their early stage, and their donations have minimal impact on the overall endowment.

By contrast, research funding sources in America are highly diversified. Non-profit groups in the US have been proven to offer considerable value to scientific research, thanks to their unique position.

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2022 Letter from Founder

Dear VA family, our partners and friends:

The most challenging time will be over soon. No one will doubt that the Winter of 2022 will be the shortest winter ever, and that Shanghai will never miss another Spring. Once we are through with the last wave of bitter cold, we will be able to embrace warmth and freedom again.

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VA Insight | Catalyse Public Behavior Change: Using Nudge

Many organisations have been doing public advocacy for years, with various programs and settings, however, the results are not as ideal as they expect. These programs focus on awareness raising, which is easier to realise through education. However, the most difficult part of public advocacy is the inconsistency of awareness and action, namely, people can tell what is right but sometimes do not act in that way. The root cause of it is our thinking and decision-making pattern which does not always remain conscious and rational.

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2021 Letter from Founder

Dear VA family and friends,

The pandemic is still lingering on. When facing uncertainty, people look for beautiful things as they bring hope. Christmas trees in Costco were sold out early in Shanghai, and membership registration in Suzhou hit this international retailer’s global record. Although people can be locked down, never will their desire for better life.

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